The Sound of a Dream

To Marcy Howard

Awakened from a cold dark sleep,
In the middle of the night,
While all around is darkened shadows,
Searching for your light,
Though the dream is not real,
It was once held in these hands,
And every night it visits again,
To sustain a broken man.
Nightly I am visited,
Though a dream still it’s real,
Kept alive by the heart,
And the things that this heart feels,
At times I wish that it would end,
Yet our souls say it never will,
Regardless of our lives events,
This heart needs you still.
This dream always makes me smile,
For in it I see your face,
And these two arms that held you close,
Need you to fill the space,
Every part of me remembers,
Your warm and caring touch,
Somehow I know you feel the same,
Heart and soul show that much.
The dream is full of memories,
Yet it shows the future as well,
It shows you feel this pain like me,
That inside you live this hell,
The future that I often see,
Each day I hope comes true,
And every aspect of this life,
Holds my belief in you.
It seems at times a dream can be,
The one place our hearts are free,
This heart knows it will occur,
Because only you can rescue me,
Each day I long to hear your voice,
The music for these ears,
And every time that I’m awakened,
I know its the dream you hear.
     Only you!



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