to Marcy Howard

I, can see, that, black hair, fall down;to trail, across, your shoulders,
As, I see, that smile, again;as I watch, those brown eyes, smoulder,
I, can see, a tattoed neck;while, your laughter, fills, the air,
As, I feel, your whispered breath;with a subtle, hint, of pears.
I, can see you, as, you cook;I feel, your hand, in mine,
Yet, then, my eyes open wide;and a dream, is all I find,
Still, the smile, stays on my face;forever, I am yours,
For every day, this life, remains;this dream, always, endures.
Some times, on, this twisted path;there are, people, You’ll never, forget,
And though things, don’t, go as planned;there’s, no need, for, regret,
What, I’ve found, you may believe; is hard, to understand,
Yet, as we look, inside, ourselves;love, carries, no demands.
You see, my love, at, any time;I can, tightly, close, my eyes,
And hold you, in my arms, again;beneath, these moonlit skies,
It, all comes down, to, one, small thing;Do you, believe, that love, was real,
For, if you have faith, my heart, is true;then, you know, just how, I feel.
         believe in love



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