For You,For Me

To Marcy Howard

A swirling darkness engulfs the soul,
Doing its best to destroy the heart,
But in the darkness there is a light,
Though dim, it had a start,
Can you feel the tortured beat,
Is it a song that comes to mind,
Or is it just a game of cards,
With only hearts to find.
As a clock ticks on the wall,
Does it denote a lack of time,
Is it a voice from somewhere else,
The sentence for no crime,
Has time become an enemy,
Is it friend or for,
Or is it just a neutral thing.
Which in our haste, makes us let go.
The seconds tick, through the day,
And time leads us to the night,
Sending us down the highway of dreams,
While robbing us of our sight,
Are our dreams in the dark,
Actual things we feel,
As the light confuses facts,
And the past destroys what’s real.
Through this journey which we call life,
There’s a thing we often forget,
Love survives through many things,
Even through regret,
It pushes darkness and pain away,
Its the light that you and I see,
And while I know it lives in you,
For you, it lives in me.



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