From the Fire

to Marcy Howard

If a fire consumes all it’s fuel.
What seems to be left, is ashes and dust,
Yet fire can be a useful tool,
New beginnings under a crust,
Fire burned between the two of us,
As that fire’s burning still,
The phoenix rises from the flames,
Though charred, love exerts it’s will.
At times we think the fire’s out,
Yet it smoulders deep within,
Though for many the heart’s consumed,
The phoenix’s flight will soon begin,
At times the fire burns with no control,
But it’s heat is what we need,
To make the phoenix rise again,
Again born, it needs to feed.
Powerless to stop the flames,
The heart’s longing surely deepens,
And as the love again takes flight,
It’s ascent will only steepen,
Though smoke might billow from the fire,
What’s real is not obscured,
And as the inferno rages on,
Love’s life is then insured.
Though fire might be a thing that destroys,
It can be the basis for something new,
For me it sfrenghthens my belief,
In the feelings I have for you,
This phoenix rises from the ashes,
As it has in the past before,
And when the fire no longer sears,
Love will rise from the ashes once more.
       You know!



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