Chained By Lightning

to Marcy Howard

Lightning flashes across the sky,
Seconds later, thunder booms,
Rain begins it’s pouring down,
As darkness once again looms,
The metal roof beats a tune,
As the mind reaches through the years,
And with the tempo on the roof,
Is the beat of used up tears.
The lightning flashes are the waves of pain,
Alive or so it seems,
While the thunder is the calling voice,
Of  each nights anguished screams,
The recurring dreams are black as night,
The heart and minds answer is you,
Yet somehow in this blowing storm,
It seems only hope is true.
The heart beats true and always will,
It’s our minds that make this hell,
Lightning is something that shouldn’t be chained,
For then thunder is chained as well,
As a person if you’re accustomed to chains,
Who can the real you be,
And if your children are used as a weapon,
That’s not a man to me.
At times we wonder of the power,
As the lightning lights the sky,
But a heartbeat holds such power,
That it’s light reflects through the eyes,
Just as thunder needs the lightning,
To live, exist and be,
I saw that lightning in your eyes,
And I know it’s there for me.
So every time the lightning flashes,
And thunder follows with it’s roar,
It reflects the things that we both feel,
As each storm makes it grow some more,
Watch that lightning fill the sky,
Listen to the thunder’s roar,
And every time you hear and see,
Love becomes much more.



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