I Hold You

To Marcy Howard

Our hearts are very complex things,
Yet in ways they’re just machines,
A vital part for us to live,
But is it heart or mind, that creates our dreams,
Because someone wears different shoes,
Makes no difference more or less,
Each person that struggles through this life,
Has a heart beating in their chest.
If you see someone that needs,
Help them with your heart,
Expecting nothing in return,
And maybe then you’ll start,
To give the love we found a chance,
Accept what time can do,
Accept that though a mistake is made,
Love can still be true.
Sometimes need is a simple thing,
Yet its effects can be profound,,
And if you happen to find real love,
Your other half’s around,
If the past takes it all away,
On who or what do you depend,
Only the heart can show the way,
And its love, we must defend.
So if you see me struggling,
Remember I’m just like you,
And on the path our hearts chose,
Love comes shining through,
Late at night when you heartbeat slows,
Let memories make you smile,
And as you remember love is real,
My love holds you for all the while.
     Only you!!!!



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