In Silence Sing


Sometimes there are things in life,
That aren’t quite what we sought,
Our dreams somehow suspended in air,
And in between our hopes are caught,
People may look upon you,
Believing you’re a broken person,
But their attitudes and assumptions,
Each day just seem to worsen.
At times silence has more to say,
Than a loud and lonely scream,
The emphasis on an emotion,
Being more than what is seen,
In a deep and utter silence,
That seems devoid of sound,
The heart is still loudly singing,
For the love it long ago found.
In silence your dreams have a voice,
As love brings a song of it’s own,
Though it’s not the things you’ve been seeking,
It’s the fact that love’s only grown,
A song’s playing in the background,
Proving love is still alive,
Taking away all inner doubts,
With the tune what the heart decides.
If love sings somewhere inside us,
There’s no need for others to hear,
It lives and breathes in the silence,
And it sings to allay all our fears,
Sometimes silence sings loudly,
And it echoes inside the head,
Drowning out the sorrows and pain,
Showing that love’s never dead.
Close your eyes and listen closely,
For that song that gives no choice,
Because the heart and soul sing softly,
As the heart projects it’s own voice,
And when you hear love speaking,
As you hear the song it sings,
The silence whispers to your heart,
The sound of love clearly rings.
Embrace the silence when it surrounds you,
It has things it needs to say,
It’s clearly there to remind us,
Love’s voice doesn’t go away,
In the darkness I was lucky to find you,
And love has it’s own wings,
While in the darkness of silence,
In that silence love still sings.

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