The Road


On a road that goes in circles,
In a land that’s made of dreams,
The past reaches out to us,
With the memories that flow in streams,
The heart gathers all it’s pieces,
To prepare for the coming day,
The real world changed forever,
When emotion came to stay.
All our personal protests,
Whether inside or voiced out loud,
Are controlled by our dreams,
And the emotions we’re allowed,
In the silence of the night,
On a lonely darkened road,
We reap all the memories,
That in the past we sowed.
The road is built brick by brick,
Or is it word by word,
And all the signposts along the way,
Are only what we’ve heard,
Our footsteps take us down the road,
In time with each heartbeat,
Watching people pass us by,
On this road their lives a streak.
Sometimes weather affects our pace,
As we contemplate each mile,
And all the places that we’ve been,
Become the minds hidden file,
At times the road is bathed in light,
Though other moments darkness reigns,
And whether dark or even light,
What part of us complains.
The road might be a country lane,
Or it could be a city street,
As memories seem to be our map,
Under blue skies or pelting sleet,
Every mile along the road,
Is a place that we move to,
And whether riding or walking slow,
Each road leads straight to you.
This road may have it’s twists and turns,
And there are stop signs along the way,
While every heartbeat that passes by,
Is a step away from yesterday,
No matter how long the road may seem,
No matter how many miles it takes,
It’s just a road that leads to you,
Because it’s love that never breaks.

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