To Marcy Howard

Late one night not long ago;a darkness crept inside,
And as the darkness deepens;by memory its kept alive,
The darkness reaches for the light;something on which to hold,
For in the darkness that now surrounds;it seems that love’s been sold.
If the sun would die today;I’d have what I have now,
As this heart at times seems dead;its still alive somehow,
With the light that now is gone;the light only exists within,
While in the darkness the skeletons dance;echoes of what has been.
The darkness has a partner;the absence of all sound,
For as the tears surely fall;they fall on barren ground,
Yet as the darkness overwhelms;and the skeletons dance around,
There exists a redeeming thought;I search for what’s already found.
As the darkness holds out its hand;and the skeletons hear their tune,
The memories of the recent past; come alive beneath the moon,
In the darkness without any light;a vision is all I see,
While I hold on to all you gave;and from the darkness I’m set free.
Only you!

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