It's Never Gone

To Marcy Howard

Though at times my mind grows tired,
Or the body 's spent and weak,
Still I think of needing you,
Without you, I’m incomplete,
Our souls were searching for their mates,
And they grew tired just as well,
Then you came and rescued me,
From a lonely living hell.
Though you had to go away,
It doesn’t change a thing,
What was found still survives,
And in our dreams still sings,
Many people spend their lives,
Hoping they might find,
A woman just as special as you,
In both her spirit and her mind.
Is it worse to never find,
That person of your dreams,
Or worse to hold them in your arms,
Ad eave you with nightmares screams,
If you never find that person,
There’s nothing there to miss,
But knowing they live somewhere else,
Becomes the dream you can not kiss.
I guess there’s no way to really know,
But there’s one thing I can say,
When you find that special one,
Alone, is worse each day,
If your soul mate lives and breathes,
They know this just like you,
So hold forever the things you found,
Love and hope will help you through.
.         Love lives.



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