To Marcy Howard

All that’s left inside the man,
Is my belief in you,
Writing letters to never send,
Their postage forever due,
And all the many pieces,
With time still hold you.
No notes will hang upon the air,
Sound no longer exists,
As something that you said was lost,
Somehow, I know persists,
And we pretend we do not feel,
While  the pain we can’t resist.
I believed love only dies,
As you know, it happened to me,
Love didn’t die that fateful day,
Death, just set it free,
And still it’s what I feel for you,
Destiny helps it be.
The only thing we need to hold,
Is the love for which we live,
A thing we cannot even see,
Yet a thing we freely give,
And every day I believe in you,
The one belief, that helps us live.
.    ONLY YOU.



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