Marcy's Monument

to Marcy Howard

As you read, my mountain of words, there’s one thing, I hope you see,
All these words, are who, I am, the thoughts, inside of me,
It seems.this river, will not end, there’s, no way, to stem the flow,
But these thoughts, are the man, that, I need to show.
You may think, it all, a game, and think, the words, untrue,
But, if it was, all a lie, then why, is is, still you,
We, can try, to manipulate, all the things, we feel,
As the facts, always remain, inside the things, found real.
I, can not, hide, the things, that forever, are inside,
And if, memories, are all I have, these memories, I will, not hide,
You have made me, see so much, I must let, the thoughts, run free,
As, I, can only wonder, is, this monument just for me.
Time has passed, this, is true, but nothing’s, really changed,
All these things, still remain, though slightly, rearranged,
While, this, Monument to Marcy, each day, continues, to grow,
It’s not, about obsession, it’s just love, I need to show.



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