My Angel

to Marcy Howard

Talk to me, my angel, let me hear, your voice,
As the time, passes by, still, you are my choice,
The silence, is deafening, there’s, no such thing, as peace,
For, the heart, can’t get away, from something, that won’t cease,
Having, what I have, is better, than nothing, at all,
Yet, I sure wish, you’d give me, a call,
We, walked trails, hand in hand, but my angel, sprouted wings,
Without you, in my life, what does, the future bring.
My angel, gave so much, to me, yet still, I ask for more,
Give me, back the future, silence, lonely’s roar,
Angel, I know, you love me, and love, has no end,
Let me show you, that I care, and that forever, I’m you friend.
I would like, to feel again, the flutter, of your wings,
See the sparkle, in those eyes, that your happiness brings,
To hold you, in my arms, to prove, the words, were true,
Forever, I love you angel, let the love, come through.
           Give me a chance!!!!Love lives, forever.



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