The Future

to Marcy Howard

Inside, a mind, that’s tortured, inside, a heart, that’s true,
I’ll be, forever waiting, with the love, I have for you,
There, is only one thing, that, in our lives, defines,
All, the feelings, that we have, and share, inside our minds.
No matter, what the outcome, no matter, what might occur,
There, is one thing, I can tell you, of which, you can be sure,
The future, holds, the answers, that time, can not change,
Love, keeps us together, it, can’t be rearranged.
There, is no end, though, you said, there was,
As, the future holds us, not for, but because,
In the future, there is happiness, in the present, there is love,
Brought to us, on the wings, of a, lonesome dove.
If, you could forgive me, I’d, stroke, your long, dark hair,
As, I softly whisper, sweet nothings, in your ear,
I’d give you back, a smile, let you see, love in my eyes,
While, your laughter, comes back to us, the future, with, no disguise.
          Do not give up on us.



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