Open Door

to Marcy Howard

There are doors through our lives,
Some we open, some we close,
Some are things we think we want,
Yet some we never chose,
There are doors that once they’re open,
They’re always open just a bit,
Yet there are some we close and lock,
And refuse to look at it.
There are doors inside the mind,
And those only in the heart,
But there are doors between the two,
Because they’re hard to keep apart,
There were doors for both of us,
That we opened and then went through,
And though it seems the door is closed,
All mine still open to you.
Behind some doors we find treasure,
While behind others there might be fame,
And what we found behind those doors,
To kill, would be a shame,
To me the door my instinct held,
Is the only door now left,
All the others are tightly locked,
Their keys lost with no regret.
While in our lives there are many doors,
Right now there are only two,
One’s the day of my last breath,
And the other one is you,
I stand inside my open door,
And my arms are open wide,
And that’s a door that will never close,
Until the day you step inside.
         Love still lives!!



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