Push and Pull

To Marcy Howard

Events transpire through our lives,
To exert a push or pull,
As we live in this spider web,
Always feeling, but never full,
The pull of things from the past,
Reaches out to pull us back,
While we push each other away,
And pile the memories in a stack.
Yet no matter how hard you push,
I push just as well,
Becoming accustomed to the pull,
Of memories that become our hell,
But do the memories create a place,
More pleasant than the day,
When the pull of the past,
Reached out and pushed you away.
Push and pull affect us both,
Within our need to pretend,
As we build our walls of stone,
It seems easier to defend,
The people that we’ve locked inside,
That now we can not see,
While we let our assumptions,
Control thoughts that should be free.
Our memories can not push us apart,
If we allow them to pull us close,
Making the things that we found,
The thing that we need most,
I have given everything away,
Possessions, family and friends,
So in the future there is no pull,
And this pushing finally ends.



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