Who May Know


We take a walk to clear the mind,
Or maybe to ease our pain,
On a bright and cheery day,
Or maybe in the rain,
A stream is flowing on the left,
With a forest on the right,
On a day with cloudy sky,
Or a day that’s clear and bright.
You might pass people as you walk,
Or you may not see a soul,
Either way with each step,
You recover what someone stole,
Those you pass may not know,
That you walk to ease your pain,
But can that pain be washed away,
If you’re walking in pouring rain.
Who may know what you feel,
If no words are ever spoken,
They can’t see the things inside,
They can’t tell if your heart’s broken,
Though you walk can anyone tell,
Who you might really be,
Can they see you’re struggling,
With the thought of being free.
Who may know the pain you bear,
If it’s hidden from other’s view,
And as you walk who even cares,
What’s false and what is true,
Every step is like a heartbeat,
That proves you’re still alive,
Even if all emotion,
Is hidden deep inside.
Who may know how hard it’s been,
To hold a reason to smile,
Or how long you’ve felt alone,
Through each and every mile,
People passing glance at you,
With the thought they know the person,
And there are those who seem to stare,
To make the pain just  worsen.
You can walk through many miles,
And it can ease a troubled mind,
But are we walking to or from,
That peace we long to find,
It’s not about any reasons,
Nor is it the steps we take,
It’s about finding the pieces,
To fix what can not break.

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