to Marcy Howard

Often times, through, our lives, we each, make our mistakes,
Living with, the consequences, and the various heart breaks,
Some things, come with effort, some, just naturally flow,
Some of them, wither and die, while other things, always grow.
In the course, of a life, you might discover, things profound,
And with, these realizations, you may notice, no one’s around,
If you can take, all these things, consider them, lessons learned,
Maybe, you can justify, the things, it seems you’ve earned.
Sometimes, help, may be needed, to make you, truly see,
That, the most, important things, come to you, for free,
You might think, that makes them less, but, with that thought, you’re wrong,
The important thing, is that you see, redemption, comes along.
Through your life, love, may come, and sometimes, never leave,
Hopefully, you realize, in love, you can believe,
Take a lesson, from, a man, who noticed this, to late,
Pay attention, to what you have, or loneliness, might be, your fate.
Love, can not be directed, or told, where to go,
It has to be, tended to, so the seeds, will grow,
Don’t let it, be to late, open up, your eyes,
Chase the things, that you want, don’t hide... realize.
                            I see.



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