To Marcy Howard

My life, is so much better, having met, someone, like you,
And I, am there beside you, whatever, you might do,
I think, you’re used to people, giving up and walking away,
But, I know, you’re worth the fight, so I’ll be here, every day.
Though, at times, you may not believe, at times, we all, are wrong,
We both know, the love is real, we just have, to write the song,
While we know, there are times, when it seems, our love, is lost,
Faith, resides, inside your head, a flower, in the frost.
If you believe, it wasn’t real, then why, am I still here,
Still possessing, an unending desire, to whisper, in your ear,
Those words, we spoke, not long ago, words, you know, are true,
Because, this love, won’t walk away, forever, it waits, for you.
                              I LOVE YOU,



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