Red Tailights

to Marcy Howard

As I sip, my morning coffee, memories, accompany, every sip,
With these memories, I become, the lie, upon your lip,
I remember, tail lights, that signaled, when you leave,
Yet, somehow, you returned, loneliness, now deceived.
I’m transported, back in time, to a cabin, in the woods,
Thinking, of, so many things, the would have, could have and should’s,
Though tail lights, marked your departure, every morning, you’d return,
And through, the fog and the dark, these memories, still burn.
A little, green car, a blue, pit bull, a teenager, singing songs,
Yet now, those little, red tail lights, signal, those things gone,
Will, these lights, come back to me, there is, no way to tell,
But, just hoping, that they will, releases me, from this hell.
She, gives me, something, which is a debt, I can’t repay,
And I’m reminded, of this fact, each and every day,
Though, those tail lights, still exist, they’re something, in the past,
While I pour, another cup, surrounded, by shadow’s cast.
The past, can exert, a grip, on everything, you do,
But those, little, red tail lights, are my memory of you,
One day, those lights, will return, to chase away, the night,
For, all the love, you gave to me, is held inside, those red tail lights.
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