to Marcy Howard

As, I sit, in this pouring rain;reflecting, on this past year,
I wrap, myself, in liquid sun;hiding, flowing tears,
Though, I’m soaked, to the bone;still, I need to sit,
Comfort, used, to come to me;yet now, I search, for it.
As, the water, washes over me;emotions, come in waves,
For, one love, floats away;and the other, sanity, saves,
You might, think, my acts, insane;but, how, do you, deal, with pain,
It seems, to me, a simple thing;like, sitting, in the rain.
Even though, so much, was lost;there’s, a flip side, to this coin,
I’m, forever, bound, to loss;yet, life, I now, can join,
Watching, someone, slowly die;can be, a living hell,
But does, this mean, another love;should be, a death, as well.
Oddly enough, though, at times, depressed;life, still, goes on,
While I, hold on, to memories;love, is never gone,
And as, this rain, cleanses me;I’m, elated, with love’s, detection,
For though, I sit here, all alone;my eyes, see her, reflection.
          I apologize.I realize.I love you! Always.



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