To You


I’d like to ask you how you are,
I’d just like to hear you speak,
Your voice the music that I need,
But the heart might start to leak,
I need you as apart of my life,
Though at times I’ve tried to replace you,
Yet every time I’ve met someone,
The feeling’s less than true.
I’ve sat in swirling snow storms,
But the thoughts of you won’t stop,
I’ve wandered through corn that’s growing,
With thoughts of you an endless crop,
I’ve used pouring rain to forget you,
But it didn’t do a thing,
At night as my dreams come alive,
Love for you still sings.
At night when I close my eyes,
You are all that I now see,
And only in my dreams with you,
Is there any hope of free,
I’ve tried to substitute you,
But they never had a chance,
Even though you hide from me,
I still would like to dance.
Though it seems there are no tears left,
I know we’ve cried our share,
I know we both feel the same,
It’s your whispered voice I hear,
I’m happy that I met you,
Even happier that love still lives,
Yet why the lifelong sentence,
Can the past we somehow forgive.
We both said things that came out wrong,
But the love still isn’t dead,
It still lives in both our hearts,
It still rings in both our heads,
It’s you I see in my dreams,
On each and every night,
And each and every morning,
It’s you that is my light.

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