Say It

To Marcy Howard

I could say it a thousand times;but it doesn’t matter if you can’t hear,
Though I say it everyday;the voice is drowned out by tears,
And as I wander through the night;and search for you everywhere,
Knowing as I search the night;it might only be me that cares.
I could tell you how I feel;but the dream doesn’t understand,
That this heart won’t settle for someone else;its you that it demands,
Yet then the mind slaps the heart;and waits to watch it bleed,
Laughing as it sees the pain;and ignoring what we need.
In the turmoil of the day;the mind must always win,
For in the dark the dreams alive;in a race to where we’ve been,
The path ahead may be unsure;as the mind battles the heart,
And as they beat each other up;still we are apart.
I could ask you to listen;to trust what’s in my eyes,
And I can say I’m sorry;but what excuse will be the disguise,
We both live inside ourselves;giving ourselves away,
But theses three words, I love you;are all I need to say



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