Snowy Steps


Walking through the cold and dark,
As it slowly starts to rain,
It seems I hold the illusion,
That water washes pain,
The limbs go numb from the cold,
And the dampness settles in,
While every step seems to say,
Turn that frown into a grin.
The heat that emanates within,
Is from more than just a walk,
Its holding on to every word,
We speak whenever we talk,
A drop of water hits the eye,
Though startled there’s a smile,
A memory of a water fight,
Let’s remember for awhile.
In the course of this walk,
The rain turns into snow,
And lost inside my reverie,
It takes awhile to know,
It seems I walk with eyes closed,
On a path that feels brand new,
And in this cold though I’m alone,
Still I walk with you.
In this silent darkness,
In the midst of snow and cold,
The realization strikes me,
Its you I always hold,
Ive held you for so many years,
And I know that you’ve held me,
Yet in this snow and freezing cold,
These steps are what I need.
Each step might trigger memories,
With snow cold against the skin,
It helps me see the hidden fact,
With me you’ve always been,
The darkness and the swirling snow,
We each hold in our heart,
But sunshine also lives inside,
There is no drifting apart.
Each step echoes the passage of time,
And there always will be storms,
But thoughts and dreams protect us,
As fond memories keep us warm,
Its not the person that you hold,
It’s the person who holds you,
And in the snow’s slow cascade,
Each snowflake makes it true.



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