As I travel through this life,
There are things I remember still.
And when I really think about it,
I see I always will,
No amount of wondering,
Can really tell me why,
While all the guilt that comes along,
Is absent from my eyes.
I remember days of laughter,
Yet they seem some foreign land,
And though these arms are empty now,
The heart has it’s demands,
A string of teardrops stretches back,
To the things I feel still,
As the heart hears only one song,
I found you plays and always will.
I see the days when I’m not alone,
But it seems so long ago,
And as the loneliness on the horizon looms,
How does love still grow,
These memories seem so long ago,
Yet clearly stir me still,
And as love seems to ride along,
I believe it always will.
I have those days I hold you close,
Etched into my heart and soul,
As the smiles with my eyes closed,
Are my attempt to fill this hole,
Just a glimpse of your smiling face,
Helps me to hold love still,
And through the trials of painful loss,
I know it always will.
Just a picture brings the thought,
In reality I’m not alone,
And even with the winds of time,
These feelings have only grown,
Through the storms that come along,
I grasp what I feel still,
And though no one seems to understand,
Love beats on and always will.
In the stillness of an evening,
On a clearly remembered trail,
I still walk hand in hand with you,
Until I die the memory won’t fail,
I found you is the only song,
That in this heart echoes still,
And with every second that passes by,
Love lives and always will.

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