The Dance of Darkness

To Marcy Howard

The duration of our time on earth,
Is influenced by the skeletons grasp,
As their bony fingers reach,
To grip our present and past,
And when the nightmares haunt you,
But not only in the night,
Those skeletons seem invincible,
Unseen inside the light.
These skeletons dance with memories,
Destroying heart and mind,
The soul no longer has a home,
While the skeletons seek to find,
Though skin adorns the body,
The flesh is no longer alive,
For even ad the heart pumps blood,
Inside, something’s died.
The skeletons squeeze these tattered hearts,
As each day they do their dance,
While the memories slowly play,
And the future has no chance,
Though an angel for a time gave light,
She then took it all away,
And as the sunlight slowly fades,
Tomorrows lost with today.
In the distance I see her light,
But the darkness marches on,
For with the absence of her touch,
My self and soul are gone,
The darkness now becomes a friend,
And as the sunlight slowly fades,
The skeletons dance with evil glee,
As the past tomorrow trades.
       Only you.



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