The Cost


We started out with so much more,
Yet now we’re left with less,
Traveling back to the past,
With the heart still beating in the chest,
With you I do not feel alone,
But you even take that away,
Now the doors are slamming shut,
With the words we can not say.
You say it changed because of me,
Yet we both know that’s not true,
When I spoke the words I care,
It was emotion directed at you,
I guess it doesn’t matter now,
I’m now confused and feel lost,
It seems Im just a sacrifice,
And the heart becomes the cost.
Nothing in this life is easy,
But must the cost be so high,
Hearing you say Im on my own,
Makes this smile become a lie,
We all need someone in our lives,
An ally in the night,
But sitting right now all alone,
What reason’s left to fight.
We tried to put a house together,
Starting out as friends,
Yet now you seem to hang your heart,
On what you know again will end,
Talk about wasted energy,
But for me you do not care,
Just try to overlook,
This blank and vacant stare.
Some people we meet we consider friends,
But what is it you think of me,
Can you acknowledge the things inside,
Or only what you see,
You said you and I are friends,
But you clearly run away,
With caring being my only crime,
And I do my sentence every day.

July 5th,2016

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