The Dark of Night

To Marcy Howard

On a dark and lonely night, when a dream comes out to play,
The colors of the rainbow fade, they all become the color gray,
Memories massage a broken heart, scarred by it’s devotion,
Looking at all those things, lost with the emotion.
Light develops another role, a spotlight for life’s charade,
Past events become a blur, part of the mind’s parade,
Awakened from the dreams embrace, there’s the thought that it was real,
Yet seeing in the darkened room, the mirror of what we feel.
The anguished cry of realization, that it all was just a dream,
Perverted by other’s jealousy, which echoes in the screams,
With the absence of the light, we can not see those things we fear,
The only sound a beating heart, that no one seems to hear.
In the darkness eyes are useless, it takes the light to see,
That this heart shattered in pieces, without you can not be free,
In the darkness a shadow looms, but a light pierces the dark,
All those memories I hold of you, are where the shadows leave their mark.
You are now the only light, that penetrates this black,
When in the middle of the night, this injured heart strikes back,
To a dream I now am fused, though a dream my soul is right,
At least I hold my other half, in the dark of night!
          Only you!



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