The Propaganda of Pot

To Everyone

A sadness permeate s this land,
Because of lies, Uncle Sam told,
Saying a natural herb was wrong,
Inside the rhetoric that they’ve sold,
Now the lies have been exposed,
Yet still our “representatives” falter,
Saying its against the law,
Their perceptions never altered.
Tell me Mr. Senator,
What lie will you tell the child,
About the relief, like a hostage held,
That could give back their smile,
And what about you Mr. Congressman,
You’re part of the problem too,
Voting no for one reason,
Because its easier for you to do.
A child looks to you for help,
And relief is held for many,
So don’t pretend the propaganda’s true,
For once earn your copper penny,
Look past the perpetual party line,
Accept that lies were told,
Finally stand for what is right,
Not the opinion that you’ve sold.
Not one person’s died from pot,
Yet many from prescription drugs,
And as you hold relief aloft,
Are you drug company thugs,
You’ve prejudiced opinions,
And with rhetoric pretend to care,
Look into that child’s eyes,
And acknowledge the need that’s there.
Its not about a gateway drug,
Its about doing what is right,
You made opinions what they are,
And hid the truth from sight,
Use the facts to make a choice,
Its time to stand for good,
Not looking into a child’s eyes,
And debating whether you should.



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