Hurricane Marcy

At times we struggle to understand,
How life can be so unfair,
How emotion survives in a broken heart,
Or how it can live inside a tear,
With effort we keep our dreams alive,
Hoping their not smashed to pieces,
And if love is something locked inside,
How is it, that it only increases.
Is love just some romantic dream,
A language that we’ve never spoken,
Or just some fantasy from the mind,
To heal what life has broken,
If we’re given love to hold,
Can it trickle through our hands,
Becoming just another thing,
That the heart can’t understand.
Is it just a matter of luck,
Being at the right place at the right time,
Or is it part of our destiny,
A fate I now call mine,
Should we feel sadness or joy,
But this question has two parts,
Knowing that this love is real,
And it’s taken up two hearts.
Love provides us with two roles,
To have and to hold,
And if it’s hidden in the heart,
Has the having part been sold,
If love is held in our hearts and minds,
What of arms only holding air,
If the object of your love is gone,
Do we pretend it isn’t there.
Time will show the love is real,
And it belongs to you and me,
While a touch upon a tear stained cheek,
Might allow two hearts to see,
My hopes and dreams are alive with you,
And I’m glad it’s you I found,
Love is still a living thing,
Even though you’re not around.
Though at times we don’t understand,
It doesn’t make love less real,
The emotion we already have,
If we allow our hearts to feel,
The hardest part we already possess,
It’s the love that we both found,
Now the only thing we need,
Is to give this silent love some sound!!!!!!

January 14th, 2017

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