The Silent Storm

To Marcy Howard

A snowy world unfolds at night;darkness sets the scene,
As a broken heart and mind;are caught somewhere between,
Each step that I take; eases the biting cold,
While the memories that overwhelm;are all that this heart holds.
Snowflakes swirl as pictures flash;in a tortured mind,
While the heart continues its beat;part of life’s design,
Each snowflake white and pure;is a picture with no frame,
As that path that we take;reveals our true shame.
Inside our shame love lives on;but is this shame my own,
Or is it just an echo of; the things the snow had shown,
As this journey winds its way;the snow begins to drift,
And with each thought I have of you;inside, the silence lifts.
The snowflakes easily remind me;of  perfection sculpted in ice,
Lost inside the blizzards dream;and a hearts frozen advice,
And while I think of you alone;inside is a winter storm,
Thoughts of you keep me going; and you’re what keeps me warm.
  You are me!!!



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