As Heaven Passes By


Years pass by without a glimpse,
Not even a single sound,
So many times I looked to see,
My head would spin around,
To catch a glimpse of you anywhere,
To see the person in my heart,
Hating each day that passes by,
That we’re still apart.
We might see a comet fall to earth,
As across the night sky it flashes,
But every night it seems I dream,
Of dark hair and long dark lashes,
The heavens hold out stars at night,
At rare times they fall to earth,
As dreams are held in heart and mind,
Though we wonder what they’re worth.
To actually hold love in our hands,
And to see and know it’s real,
Is nothing short of a miracle,
So why are we afraid to feel,
Love is held in trembling hands,
And it’s held in a broken heart,
As heaven seems to pass us by,
Though in love we’re still apart.
When we shrink away from change,
It’s the only mistake we really made,
We let our fears overtake us,
We were both overcome with pain,
We reached for things already known,
Ignoring the love in our eyes,
And every time I see you,
It’s heaven that passes by.

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