Through Snow


Late at night as streets are deserted,
A figure walks head held low,
Walking to find some comfort,
In the embrace of falling snow,
Dreams become like banners,
In this land devoid of sound,
As the footsteps that show behind him,
Lead from all he’s found.
His thoughts revolve in circles,
As the snow swallows up his screams,
As memories push him forward,
With the tears that fall in streams,
Bundled up against the cold,
Each step holds agony,
Glad for the snowy darkness,
Without light no one can see,
For the most part he’s unnoticed,
And those who seem him wonder why,
In the darkness details are shrouded,
Beneath the night’s snowy sky,
From a distance you can not see,
The expression on his face,
The manifestation of his pain,
That brought him to this place.
Every step seems to echo,
From some point in the past,
Dreams are somehow kept alive,
Snowflakes that seem to last,
The future seems not important,
In the here and now,
And though the figure appears lonely,
He walks hand in hand somehow.
As his journey lengthens,
And his tears no longer flow,
Emotion found inside the heart,
Through the darkness somehow grows,
Some may walk to get away,
They can lose their self in thought,
And as the figure trudges on,
He walks towards all he’s sought.
We all find comfort in different things,
And we each have those dreams we hold,
Though we may walk in falling snow,
With love we are not cold,
A figure walks through falling snow,
In the darkness late at night,
His dreams are somehow kept alive,
And love provides his light.

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