Time Never Gone


Though at times the mind grows tired,
Or the body spent and weak,
Still I think of needing you,
Without you I’m incomplete,
My soul was searching for it’s mate,
Yet grew tired just as well,
Then you came and rescued me,
From a lonely living hell.
Though you had to go away,
It doesn’t change a thing,
What we found still survives,
And is reborn every spring,
Many people spend their lives,
Hoping they might find,
A woman that matches perfectly,
With both her spirit and her mind.
Is it worse to never find,
That woman of your dreams,
Or worse to have her in your arms,
Only when nightmares scream,
If you never find that woman,
There’s nothing you have to miss,
But knowing she lives somewhere else,
Becomes a dream we can not kiss,
I have never chased you,
And you know I never will,
But that doesnt change the fact,
That both of us love still,
I’m not some knight in shining armor,
Just a man who’s heart is true,
The words I spoke to you were real,
And I know they were real from you.
Maybe you think,
Because of things you said,
That Id forget and walk away,
But I still stand for you instead,
It doesn’t mean I am a fool,
Just means I really care,
But I’m not some sort of puppy dog,
Excited by unshed tears,
You might run forever,
If alive I’ll still be here,
Waiting with a long white beard,
And perfume that smells like pears.


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