Time I guess has been good to me,
Through all the twists and turns,
And as the moments tick right by,
There are candles that still burn,
At times there are moments that seem to replay,
We relive them time and again,
Ripples on a lake of time,
In the dreams that time defends.
We try to twist time to our benefit,
And those moments protest and scream,
The hands of time are never turned back,
To the beginning of a dream,
As our lives unfold before us,
There are moments that pass right by,
Though these moments pass with time,
They still live in these blue eyes.
We live our lives with appointments,
We’re either on time or we’re late,
And if we push the envelope,
Are we somehow twisting fate,
If only we had the ability,
To turn back those hands of time,
Taking our hearts to that time and place,
When love was first designed.
The more we try to twist and turn,
The more we try to protest,
Does time become an ally or foe,
As it’s passing we can’t digest,
There are moments we remember no matter what,
And that time holds both pain and pleasure,
While happiness somehow defines a life,
Though it’s impossible for us to measure.
Those moments that seem to reoccur,
Stir both heart and soul,
And every time we visit dreams,
We’re left with the very same role,
As time makes us twist and turn,
What forever stands is real,
And every second I’m reminded,
Love is what I still feel.
As each moment is here then gone,
We’re left with what is and what will be,
I found love with you yesterday,
And each day you’re still with me,
For a time I tempted fate,
But each moment I’m shown what’s mine,
Love was found not so long ago,
And my belief in love twists time.

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