Walk With Me

to marcy howard

Do you wander, through this life, utterly alone,
Thinking, no one understands, Ive learned, as Ive grown,
Do you long, for certain things, that reach out, from the past,
Even though, they are obscured, by the shadows, that are cast.
If you’d like a partner, but have no clue, who that might be,
When a hand, reaches out to you, will you even see,
Words and actions, can confuse, who really, is your friend,
For as you ponder, each step you take, the heart, does not defend.
I’d like someone, to stroll, with me, take the journey, hand in hand,
Never walking, ahead or behind, together, we would stand,
Enjoying all, those little things, that many, overlook,
Ignoring insecurities, and what is written, in life’s book,
Side by side, hand in hand, using the past, as the future’s guide,
As there is, no way to map, those thoughts, left loose, inside,
Perceptions and instincts, protect, an injured heart,
Some wounds may never heal, though you wish, they’d start,
Though at times, one may tire, the two, still move as one,
Because, each, helps the other out, until, the race is done,
Gaining strength, with every step, no matter, what might be,
And the journey, would never end, if you’d walk with me,



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