The Speed of Right


At times our thoughts go racing around,
And we over think how life proceeds,
Unconscious of our mortality,
Or the wounds inside that still bleed,
We think of the aspects of our lives,
That flash before our eyes,
As any sense of normalcy,
Lies hidden under some disguise.
Dreams become our reality,
As the moments go flashing by,
And all the things inside we feel,
Become a lost heart’s alibi,
The thoughts at times move to fast,
With no way to slow them down,
While in the end we’re left alone,
And there’s no one when we look around.
We have the feeling that we’re lost,
Having lost any real direction,
Emotions seem to drain through our hands,
Though we attempt their loss prevention,
Our thoughts get lost in the circles,
Of those thoughts that go spinning around,
As we race to the completion,
Of all the echoing sounds.
Life at times happens so fast,
As over our walls we peer,
Without the ability to concentrate,
Or process the words we hear,
Our thoughts race to that destination,
When love was something clear,
While the mind whispers to the heart,
That love is always near.
Dreams seem to come at the speed of light,
They come and then their gone,
And caught up in a spinning storm,
Can we grasp what’s right or wrong,
We wander through a field of dreams,
Caught up in the flow,
While all the flowers along the way,
Are gone so fast we never know,
A storm of thought assails us,
In life’s fast moving course,
As the pace becomes a rockets speed,
And we can’t identify the source,
We wonder does it ever slow,
Is it our dreams we somehow burn,
And as we ponder all we have,
Is this insanity what we’ve earned.

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