To Marcy Howard

There is nothing that you can do,
There’s nothing that you might say,
To make me believe, you do not care,
Or make what’s found, just go away,
We both struggle with the past,
Our excuse for how we act,
Yet the whispers in our ears,
Are far, from what is fact.
You are the reason that I wake,
My sunrise, in this painful place,
The first thing that I see each morning,
Is the picture, of your loving face,
Though you believe, no one should care,
Your skeletons, are no different than mine,
And it seems for both of us,
For others, our hearts confined.
I love you and you love me,
And that’s all each day I hold,
Both our souls and hearts have found,
The fairy-tale we were told,
Though I can not make you love me,
I KNOW, you really do,
And I know I can’t make you feel,
But you can’t destroy this love for you.
Time might make the pain recede,
But in the pain there’s certain joy,
For even though we are apart,
What we found, we should enjoy,
So run your fastest, or even far away,
From your eyes, I know you care,
We can’t run away from love,
It follows everywhere.
    Only you!!!



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