Whispers From A Dream


All alone at the end of the evening,
As shadows and dreams take the stage,
Whispers emerge from the darkness,
While the minds overtaken by rage,
The eyes finally close and transport me,
To that place where the whispers are heard,
And the dreams that nightly visit,
Are filled with whispered words.
Dreams bring laughter to a tortured soul,
With those whispers loud and clear,
And though miles separate us,
The whispers bring you near,
In my dreams I hold you,
And the whispers keep love alive,
As I spend the entirety of a day,
Hoping the mind can decide.
My days are alive with the promise,
That I’ll hear your voice again tonight,
I’ll see your face smiling at me,
As your voice whispers through the night,
Each day the desire lingers,
To see you and feel your touch,
But with the pain of being apart,
Are these whispers just love’s crutch.
I hear the words I love you,
And I believe them with my whole being,
The days become my prison,
With freedom in the face I’m seeing,
Whispers wrap their arms around me,
And the heart seems to quicken it’s beat,
But the whispers somehow sustain me,
Through the darkness I can not defeat.
Light is not my enemy,
It’s that period before falling asleep,
Just before the eyes close for slumber,
And loneliness makes the soul weep,
In the darkness in the land of dreams,
A soft whisper will hold me close,
And in a cold and lonely bed,
It’s her that I need the most.
Silent screams seem to echo inside,
The body feels like an empty shell,
And no one can know the nightmare,
When you love another more than yourself,
Yet each night I get to look forward,
For that voice that in the daylight screams,
As love wraps it’s arms around me,
With that whisper that comes from a dream.

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