A Flickering Flame

To Marcy Howard

A candlelight dinner set for two,
As a gentle breeze pushes the flame,
A picnic set in the deepest woods,
Alone with a whispered name,
The candles flame flickers low,
While shadows dance about,
And in between these moonlit trees,
Your whispered name becomes a shout.
Memory lives in the candles flame,
Though the breeze pushes it around,
While the flame has an ebb and flow,
And your absence steals all sound,
With a meal that’s made for two,
Even though one attends,
Theses dreams I think of like a flame,
As this heart your memory defends.
Passion lives in the flickering flame,
Yet this picnic is not complete,
While sitting in this forest green,
With a memory I can’t defeat,
As the shadows change their shape,
There’s a thing that each day remains,
Life and love live night and day,
Inside the flickering flame.
This flickering flame keeps itself alive,
Assisted by heart and mind,
And as I picnic in these woods alone,
I possess what I need to find,
I enjoy the food which I consume,
Though I’m really sharing it with you,
As the flickering flame illuminates,
I’m with you in all you do.
        I found you!!



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