Winter Wise

To Marcy Howard

It seems in this winter season,
As the snow piles high,
There’s lots of time to take the walks,
That substantiate the lie,
As you save those around you,
Never thinking of yourself,
What happens to your dreams,
And your heart’s inner health.
Its hard to watch love walk away,
Even harder to watch you run,
And as you run to the past,
What are you running from,
As you run away from me,
And while you pretend,
I am still in love with you,
But love, you won’t defend.
I have you in my life,
And you reside in my heart,
As soon as the snowflakes fall,
The memories will start,
In each snowflake, I see your face,
A face of caring and compassion,
The woman I need to hold,
Happy’s real fashion.
As the snow totals grow and grow,
Each flake a reminder of you,
And as I walk in the snow,
Its the walking we used to do,
Cold and frigid temperatures,
And snow everywhere,
Maybe we will grow tired of pain,
And tired of these fears.
I do not need fame and fortune,
In this cold, I don’t need heat,
I only need you in my life,
To not allow our soul’s defeat,
Even if a blizzard blows,
Or travel, deemed unwise,
You are the woman that I need,
To see through winter’s disguise.



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