You For


Can a question be posed as an answer,
Because the answers number so few,
And does happiness live in another’s arms,
As I’m reminded my answer is you,
Does it matter that I feel forgotten,
While I haven’t forgotten a thing,
Does a bell toll for someone else,
Does that bell even ring.
Is life some barren minefield,
That we look upon with disgust,
Are  the emotions seemingly locked inside,
The sole thing we can trust,
If the answer stares us in the face,
Can we recognize what is true,
And when peering into the darkness,
Why is it that I only see you.
When dreams awake us during the night,
Do we embrace them or run away,
Somehow losing sight of things,
That get lost in the things we say,
Is it possible to somehow be unaware,
Of the things we truly feel,
Ignoring the image in the mirror,
Whose mask hides emotions real.
Can we see the forest as a whole,
Yet see each individual tree,
And with the image that’s presented,
Is that picture what we really see,
The world surrounding us can not say,
If an emotion is something true,
And in the emotions with our answers,
For me that answer still is you.
We each possess our share of pain,
But it exerts control on all our emotions,
And all the things we thought are lost,
Are a part of life’s promotions,
The answers live inside of us,
Beating in a heart that’s true,
As every heartbeat clearly echoes,
This heart belongs to you.
At times it’s hard to see the facts,
Tomorrow becomes shrouded by our pain,
And all the tears we cry at night,
Are love’s much needed rain,
Why search for something already found,
Why question a sky that’s blue,
There’s something living inside the heart,
It’s all I feel towards you.

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