Can dreams become our shining stars,
As we look to the night time sky,
While they twinkle so far away,
Yet live inside our eyes,
At times they’re hidden behind dark clouds,
For a time they can’t be seen,
Only later to reappear,
To re-enforce what our dreams mean.
We might walk this earth alone,
Though surrounded by our fellow man,
But as we carry those lonely thoughts,
There’s a thing to understand,
As our dreams remain alive,
We hold emotions true,
And in the darkness with stars above,
Each stars a thought of you.
Eyes are raised to see the stars,
As they twinkle in the night,
And though surrounded by the darkness,
That dream still gives us light,
Is the dream viewed as realistic,
When it’s the sole thing that we hold,
Can it’s warmth light a life,
In an attempt to escape the cold.
If we journey through time and space,
Is it the stars that light our way,
Or are they just the signposts,
For the things we’re unable to say,
The stars possess no judgement,
Impartial to our tears,
Whispers to the beating heart,
And the emotions that it hears.
We see those stars and know they’re real,
Though a thing we’ll never touch,
As all our fears and all our pain,
Just become our unending crutch,
Lat at night in a silent darkness,
The stars become dreams alive,
And though holding them might seem futile,
We still allow them to arrive.
A dream begun some years ago,
In a place devoid of time,
With the stars that seem to whisper,
Love is always mine,
A falling star streaks through the darkness,
The remaining stars are made very real,
And the stars beckoning in the darkness,
Are the echo of love we feel.

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