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Laura Alaniz


La presión atrapada
Busca por donde salir
Tapo mi boca
Se me sale por los ojos
Tapo mis ojos
Se me sale por la nariz
Cosquillas en las orejas
El agua se hierve dentro
Ya está por la te

My sister’s cookies
Chocolate chip
Got my nephew to
Say her name
For the first time
My sister’s cookies
Brought the family
If only to fight
Over the last one
My sister’s cookies
Have kitchen chat
Mixed in the dough
Along with kid’s fingers
And just a pinch of sass
I love
My sister’s cookies
Because they remind
Me of her
I don’t even like
Chocolate chip cookies

Pretty and dainty
Rich girl feet
Meant to be
Beside the pool
They don’t like to work
Ready to be
And manicured
So why
Are they attached to me,
Who is broke?
For if feet can’t walk
Then what are they for?

This world is covered in bias
It’s all over you
It’s all over me too
This world is covered in bias
It shades our words
It flavors our foods
This world is covered in bias
Except for you
The newborn child
As he first opens his eyes
Innocent eyes
Who have yet to see
What controls our identity
But what is life
But to experience
But what is culture
But to taste and see
This world is covered in bias
It’s all over you
It’s all over me too

Love is sincere
Wanting to connect

Love makes you crazy
Insanity that makes you fly
While tying you down

Love is knowing
Your faults and mine

Love is peaceful
Fighting to keep your heart

My objective is selfish
Not to share or be heard
To get it out and move on
No one seems to hear my pain
No one seems to feel my pain
To walk a mile in someone’s shoes
Would they not be a different fit?
Empathy is limited, we relate
Only to what we have felt and lived
Can we not imagine anything more?
Give me compassion
Over empathy or sympathy
Kindness that does not depend
On understanding me
Why we repeat what no one got
the first, the second, the third time
Whatever said becomes
Only a reflection of the listener
We keep trying, talking in circles
Until we give up,
And move on to someone else


A family trait
Is our vice
No shame
Take what
We can get
Lined up
For handouts
If we must
Don’t wait
For us to say
You can stop

How can I write how I feel
When what I feel is nothing?
How can I tell you what I need,
What is wrong?
When what is wrong
is nothing?
Do I need a different dose?
I am bored
With me
With life
But I wake up each day
Eat, sleep
And go back to bed
I cannot read
Which has always been
My escape
I need to be with people
Fight the urge to isolate
But who would want to
Spend time with
I have to have something
To give
And I have nothing
Is not very poetic

I had it all
In my head
And then I said
I do not know which ones
But not the ones
That I had chose
Of hitting the nail
Straight on the head
I bent it
At an angle
It will have to do

I am unique
In so many ways
But while variety excites
What we look for
Is our common thread

Look in the mirror
What is it you see?
Hazel eyes above your
Favorite black dress
Looks clean and fresh
Ready to smile and
Meet you in the eye
Who will she impress?
Sometimes she’s pretty
In a subtle kind of way
With a sparkle in her eye
And her hair just right
The same person
She has always been
Looks different somehow
Could it be the light?
Is it the make-up?
That hasn’t changed
Budding confidence
Changes the lens
Beauty is in the eye
Of the beholder
Surround yourself
With positive friends

Springtime means
Berry pickin’
In warm sun
Part of me
Since the womb
Watch for snakes
Bloody fingers
Pick more
Than we can eat
Don’t spill them!
Numbs backache
Must pick more
Eyes on next bush
We get home
Make berry cereal
The berries look
More red
Than they did
In the field