I can feel it coming
Decisions I can’t make
Brain starts to freeze
Fingers won’t work
Sick of this disease
Breathe in; breathe out
I am free falling
My legs go weak
Lips dry and numb
Depth perception off
Can’t feel my tongue
Breathe in; breathe out
I am still crashing
Muted sounds underwater
My ears want to pop
Watching shaky video
Stuffing face, can’t stop
Breathe in; breathe out
Want off this roller coaster
Eyes fill up with tears
For what I can’t explain
Sweaty, throat choked up
Leaves behind a migraine


Low blood sugar

Type 1 diabetes, low blood sugar

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David Schieres
over 2 years

Pretty good description of drowning. Breathe in, while underwater? Pretty scary feeling.

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