How do I
Catch your interest?
Once again
I know
You are bored with me
Though I am prettier
Then I was before
How do I
Catch your eye?
Once again
I try to talk
About anything
Trying to find
Any common ground
Yet you roll your eyes
Avoiding me
I know
I could catch
Any other’s eye
As could you
But I want
Marriage and love
Are worth fighting for
I just don’t know
Who to fight
What to fix
I stink of desperation
My clingy ways
Suffocating you
Your dark moods
Used to scare me
I am no longer afraid
Of them
I am angry
I want to fight
For your respect
I demand respect
I deserve respect


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Joel Titus Miller
over 5 years

Marriage and love
Are worth fighting for -nice

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