He says
I could never
Get away with murder
For I leave
Pieces of me everywhere
Blonde strands of hair
And dead skin cells
Leave a trail
Of me
I would rather
Think of them
As souvenirs
Pieces of me
Left for the dustpan
I am but dust
I come from the dirt
I shall return to dust
But you
You will remember me


I have psoriasis, a genetic skin condition caused by an accelerated over-active immune system. The skin cells regenerate too fast and they pile up.

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Laura Alaniz
about 4 years

I can tell when my body is fighting something, my glands swell up and my neck is sore. But I don't get sick that often.

Gary W
about 4 years

so do you not get sick as often ? cus your amune system is accelerated?

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