There she was this girl..
running with herself
From  her perfect world...
..Don’t let me go back there again...
Its a cold world! If you only knew
what lurks...
Yea’,  they’ll try to teach you..
keep you in line,
tell you what’s important
And if you don’t have it,
they’ll keep you,
leash you, locked and tied...
...till you spit it out to their right!
So.. No!...
Don’t give me with the Monsters! ..
The Monsters, tonight ..
I’ve been climbing..
I’m way too high..
Don’t let me fall through this sky..
She said..
I’ve got Green eyed Monsters watching,
 and ...I’ve  got brown eyed ones too..
And they all there just watching..
me and you.
As much as I act
like them..
 I follow their trends,
I cut my wings,
I don’t know why I tried.. to blend with  them  ..
I found myself
through everything,
I guess back then ..I didn’t know
what I was...
  .. what I chose not to see..
So, this girl and I
we sat across the sky,
I felt her kind of hurt.. in me
that empathy..
so real..
I told her to meet  me at the docks,
I helped her 12 o’clock.
She Escaped the fate..
Off to a new beginning..
             in a New state.
where the Monsters ceased to be.

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over 3 years

Stay away from the monsters dear Laila

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