On my balconey
At night              
With the stars as usual ...
Beautiful and unaware
Shining and still  
Distant and unreachable
I want to collide within
Its sheer Vastness


Was written in under a minute...
Is it even poetry?...

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presque 3 ans

Hi Laila... any new poems? C'mon post the ones in Instagram!

plus de 3 ans

The way you love stars, I know, because you are.. the brightest.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 3 ans

Don't go over it again. It's fine just the way it is.

plus de 3 ans

My Angels!
thank you for your kind words ! ... and sharing your poetry and Art with me .. really made my day :D ( I'm beaming in Campus ! )
Thank you!
Thank you !
Thank you ! ... : D xxxx

steven t.
plus de 3 ans

if it was written from the heart, like this one appears to have been, there is no reason why a poem written in under a minute might not endure and give pleasure to those who read it for eons...btw I really enjoyed the last verse immensely, thanks for sharing...

J Ann Crowder
plus de 3 ans

Sometimes the ones written on the spure of the moment with thoughts that otherwise would be fleeting are the very best. This is beautiful!

presque 4 ans

:§ ....And now I feel like an idiot for adding that last note..

presque 4 ans

Sure it is!

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