Its Not like a movie scene where the camera plays the hits slow.
        Its difficult explaining but if you wanna know; step on a board, take my hand I’ll flaunt you in flair as we go.
Don’t pull back, its  a suicidal act, except we’ll go down in style.
The road behind is the road ahead...
Headphones on playing bands as I risk breaking my head.
Its surfing stairs under stars...
Jumping bridges, avoiding cars.
Chance an oli and kickflip...
Its falling down, falling up
kissing the ground and throwing up.
With that board at my feet;
Lace my kicks before a clean sheet,
I do that spin... and I do it fast.
    its an expression... its a show...
I make ‘em shout ’Spinney’ out the window.
Its an Art yet an extreme dangerous dare...
Its a thrill ... its a way of escape...
cruising a road under stars,
        late night till sheer daylight.

My first poem.
December 2014

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presque 4 ans

Always wanted to skateboard. But never dared. Sadly

Environ 4 ans

So cool.

rambling woman
plus de 5 ans

love this! it's very catchy

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